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Latest weather station data:

At 10:40pm, the wind speed was 3km/h from 336° , with gusts up to 1km/h
Conditions were overcast and 9°C, with a UV index of 0
(0 is low, 10 is high UV intensity)

Latest buoy data:

At 10:57pm the swell height was 3.6ft every 14.3 seconds, from 72.1°
Thanks to Lyttelton Port Company for use of the buoy data, which is located 10.5km east of Scarborough beach
More detailed data is available here (under the 'Offshore' tab)

Todays forecast:

Cloudy skies throughout the day with rain.
A low of 7°C and high of 10°C
Todays maximum UV index is 1

(0 is low, 10 is high UV intensity)

Credits and sources

Christchurch Surf Check is made using:

Christchurch Surf Check, v3.0

v3.1 released 2 July 2024 (Improvements to swell interval forecast data, by using AI modelling to compare forecast data to the LPC buoy data.)

v3.0 released 18 January 2024 (Switched to using Storm Glass AI for swell and wave prediction data. This is able to provide more accurate data that takes into account wind swell and ground swell arriving at each location, as well as using multiple sources to give the most accurate forecast possible.)

v2.8 released 27 November 2023 (Updated data source for the LPC buoy. Buoy data now updates in near real-time rather than every hour.)

v2.7 released 15 June 2023 (An automated report for the best time and location tomorrow now posts to the Chch Surf Facebook page every evening at 5:30pm.)

v2.6 released 13 June 2023 (Plain text surf reports for each day are now displayed above the forecast chart. These are automatically generated, unless a manual report exists to display instead.)

v2.5 released 5 June 2023 (Major update to the wave height algorithm, to more accurately reflect wave heights through each hour of the forecast. Each hour forecast also now includes a rating from 0 to 5 stars, which takes in to account the waves, swell, tide and wind data for that time, as well as recent wind conditions and the direction of the coastline. More detailed star ratings can be shown by tapping on the forecast chart, which will display the extra data just above the chart).

v2.4 released 3 June 2023 (User generated surf reports now show on front page of site for the first 8 hours, added the ability to share photo galleries to Facebook).

v2.3 released 27 May 2023 (added the ability to 'heart' user generated surf reports, and show number of views).

v2.2 released 19 May 2023 (added links to photo galleries on main page, improved reliability of email sending, improved display of user generated surf reports).

v2.1 released 14 May 2023 (improved sizing of the forecast panel on mid-sized displays, and added weather icons to top of chart).

v2.0 released 11 May 2023 - Relaunched at with the following updates: Read more

  • Improved quality of swell data by using a different data source at MetOcean, and improved data processing.
  • Users can sign up for free daily emails with swell conditions, weather, and other useful info.
  • Ability for users to add their own surf report with photo and/or text. Other users can view the report for 3 days.
  • Photo galleries organised by date, a highlights gallery, and abilty to download watermarked images or buy full sized originals.
  • Contact page and Facebook page.
  • Added data on UV index to the site and daily emails.
  • General bug fixed and display enhancements.

v1.3 released 26 April 2023 (added swell data from LPC buoy and improved todays weather forecast information).

v1.25 released 25 April 2023 (improved display on smaller screen sizes).

v1.2 released 23 April 2023 (improved display on larger screen sizes).

v1.1 released 9 April 2023 (improved swell data and display).

v1.0 released 2 April 2023 (initial launch at

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