Chch Surf - forecast

Advertiser info:

Chch Surf has ad space available both on the website and in the daily surf report emails.

Different sizes and placements are available and ad space can be purchased for between 1 - 6 months at a time.

The following ad units are suitable for an image file or text. These can be updated by emailing new image files to us when required.

  • 3 Large ad units (1 taken, 2 remaining) - suitable for an ad or a large logo.
  • 1 Wide banner ad unit - suitable for a wide ad or text, or a mix of both.
  • Smaller ad units suitable for a small logo or text link.

Ad space is also available in the daily surf report email, for a single advertiser. This contains:

  • 1 area for an image file measuring 600px wide by 100px high.
  • A text area below the image which allows up to 300 characters of text, enough for 2-3 sentences over several lines.
  • A password protected advertising portal on gives you the ability to change the image, link, and text at any time.

An ad sheet is available with more information and current pricing. Please fill in this form to access the ad sheet: